What does “professional Bridal make-up” actually mean?

What does professional makeup actually mean

If you are thinking about using a professional makeup artist for your wedding day but are unsure of what that actually means then look no further. We have compiled a step by step list of what we believe a professional makeover should include. Remember to start with a clean face, free of makeup and do any plucking and hair removal at least 24 hours before.


Always start with a primer so your makeup will last as long as possible.


A contouring creme or powder is used to highlight, shadow and shape your features in the most flattering way.


 Concealer should be applied to any blemishes, dark circles or discolourations to create an even skin tone.


After concealer, a base layer of foundation should be applied in a colour that matches your skin tone. The base should be blended to create a natural and even look.


Even if you are going for a natural look, your makeup artist will probably spend a while on your eyes. Along with the usual, eyeliner, shadow and mascara we think false eyelashes are a must (if you are keen) and a highlighter pencil on the inner corners should also be applied.


We like to do them after the eyes and before mascara but this can differ. Eyebrows should be shaped and filled and here it is important that they not be too heavy in the middle as it can make you look angry.


A light bronzing layer is applied to areas of the face for a warm, healthy glow.


We like a creme blush as it generally lasts longer and gives a dewy look which should be applied from the apples of your cheek and out towards the ears.


A lip primer is key here so your lipstick lasts as long as possible. This should be followed by lining the lips with a pencil and then your lipstick of choice. Depending on what you like a gloss can be applied on top but you should beware of adding too much as this can reflect in pictures.


These can include some extra highlighting and some finishing powder to set the look.

Generally this process should about 90 minutes and you should of course end up looking beautiful and ready for a day of celebration and love.

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