Wedding Updo Hair Accessories – What you should know before purchasing

A well-chosen hair accessory can really take an updo to the next level. Adding a little sparkle, glitter or metallic gleam lifts your style from fancy to fabulous!

I get a lot of questions from brides seeking guidance to help them choose the right type of accessory. With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide on the size, shape and length and to know the best place to purchase your accessory.

I’ve put together some advice and information based on what I have learnt about updos over the years. I hope it helps you to navigate the accessory jungle out there!


Hair Accessories with Combs 

Metal combs with widely spaced teeth are a great choice as most updos require lots of hairpins to hold them together.  If your comb has wide spaces between the teeth, it can slide around the pins and fasten securely at the base of the hairstyle. Sometimes highly embellished combs can be quite heavy and if this is the case,  you can fasten bobby pins through the teeth to give it extra support.


Plastic combs work well for lighter hair accessories embellished with feathers, or more delicate beads and pearls. These are not as flexible as metal combs and since you cannot fasten any pins through the teeth of the comb, perfect placement of the accessory is essential so that it stays it in place all day.


Metal combs with flat teeth are not ideal as they don’t follow the curve of the head. This makes them harder to fasten securely in your hair as they tend to slide around or even out of the updo. These combs are best placed at the middle-back of your updo, high up on your head.


Things to consider

The direction of the comb should follow the shape of the head where it is being placed. That’s why it’s a good idea to decide where in your updo you want to wear the accessory. This will make it much easier to select the style. Remember that on many accessories, the

embellishments face one particular direction meaning that they can only be worn on one particular side of the head.



These accessories are beautiful but deadly for certain types of updos.  All those little metal twigs and embellishments can easily get caught in your hair and turn a sleek hairstyle into a mess. This is especially the case if you haven’t discussed the placement in advance with your stylist.

You only get one chance with these, so the placement is crucial. If you decide to wear a vine hair accessory, make sure that all the little extra pieces of hair are pushed close to the metal vine.  Once placed, you can pull and lift them out to get that whimsical, bohemian vibe that these accessories create.

It is best if the vines have a loop at each end so that your stylist can put a bobby pin through to secure it into the hairstyle. Your stylist will probably also place a few bobby pins throughout the vine to make sure the middle section doesn’t move either.



These are great for updos as you can place them in clusters and at different angles to create all kinds of interesting effects. It is also possible to combine different pins to create your own unique accessory and you can secure them with bobby pins so you don’t have to worry about losing them when you hit the dance floor.



Form and placement are key to making this look work. You should also consider your comfort because the tiara will have to remain in your updo throughout the entire day and night.



Comfort, form and structure are significant here as well. A regular headband sits behind the ear but for your wedding updo, it will need to sit diagonally, not vertically. Otherwise, you will have part of the headband sticking out behind your ears when the hair is up.  This is one of the biggest difficulties as the headband doesn’t always sit properly which can be uncomfortable and not how the bride pictured it.

Hair Chains

Think about how you’ll attach this to your head. They usually have to be sewn on.


Swedish Wedding Crown

I won’t even go into this in the hope that I never need to sew one on to anybody’s head ever again!


There are lots of great accessories available for your wedding updo. I hope this information makes it a little easier for you to choose one that your stylist can easily incorporate into your updo to give your wedding hairstyle the perfect finishing touch.