How to prepare your hair for a wedding updo

The morning of the wedding is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some well-deserved pampering by having your  hair and makeup done. Most brides have valid questions about how to prepare their  hair for the big day.  We thought we would try to answer a few of these concerns right here, and  hopefully this article will help to make prepping for your wedding day a little less stressful in the hair department.

Q: Should I wash my hair the day before the wedding, or on the day?

A:  It is very important that you not wash your hair the day of the wedding. Your hair’s natural oils act as a natural softener and create texture which helps to keep it in place, hold curl and create a beautiful finish; i.e., no frizziness!  I suggest washing your hair in  the morning the day before  your appointment. If your appointment is Saturday at 11 am, wash your hair on Friday morning. If on the day of your event, you find an area has become very oily or greasy, for instance your fringe, you can spot-wash that area and dry it.

If the thought of unwashed hair on your wedding day is something that you struggle with then by all means wash your hair. We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy every part of your wedding day with out worrying about having  ”dirty hair”. Just let your stylist know ahead of time so she can add some ” dirty” products such as dry shampoo or volume powder to add some texture to your freshly washed, slippery hair.

Q:  Should I style my hair before the updo?

A:  I highly recommend blow-drying your hair when you wash it the morning before your updo appointment. Blow-drying creates a smooth finish and the base of a beautiful, long lasting  curl for your updo.  Using a light leave-in conditioner all over and following up with a light volumizing product (mousse,  volumizing spray, etc.) for the roots and midshafts of the hair before blow-drying will give the hair a nice bounce and healthy shine. No oils or greasy products should be used on the ends. If you prefer to leave your hair to dry naturally rather than blow-drying, let your stylist know. It’s also important to let them know if some extra styling needs to be done to prep for the updo, so that they can allow for this in your appointment slot.

For naturally curly-haired brides (who want to use their curl in the updo), you should wash, condition and then add the products you usually use to style your hair. Whether you prefer to diffuse or air-dry depends on your curl, the density of your hair and the time of year. If you want a larger, softer curl, make sure to blow-dry (or treat yourself to a blowout) so that the stylist can curl the hair on the day of the wedding to create the wave you would like.

Q: How should I care for my hair ?

A: Hair that is in good condition can really help the look of your updo. If you have  hair that is long , colour-treated,  highlighted  or all of the above then I recommend using a deep conditioning mask at least once a week. You can also use leave-in conditioning stylers after washing and conditioning  your hair on a regular basis, to help keep the hair shiny, smooth and tangle-free.

Q : How long before the wedding day should I colour my hair?

A:  This is tricky as hair grows 1 cm per month on average. You have about 1 1/2 -2 weeks before you start seeing regrowth, especially with lighter shades like classic blonde highlights, or anyone with some ”ultra blondes” ( grey/white hair). With trendier balyage, ombre – or a combination of the two, known as Bombre 😉 – a darker root factors in to the look; essentially, the darker the root the less sensitive the timing. But between 2-4 weeks before the wedding is ideal so the hair’s colour does not begin to fade or become brassy. If you have special coloured toners or pastels, which can fade quickly, you should consider getting your hair touched up during the week before the wedding to make sure you have the perfect tone to your hair.

We hope this helps to answer some of your concerns and clarify the “dirty hair” myth that many brides worry about. If you have any questions concerning your hair and make up, don’t hesitate to ask us!

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