Which type of Hair Jewellery goes with your bridal updo?

Hair jewellery

These days many brides are moving away from traditional veils and choosing hair jewellery to complement their dress and their updo. And why not we say. Hair jewellery feels more modern and there are some beautiful pieces out there and as opposed to a veil, hair jewellery can definitely be worn again. However, there is a lot to choose from and it can be hard to know where to start. As we have just opened our webshop selling Euphylias gorgeous line, we wanted to help you blushing brides out there by publishing a list of the most common types of hair jewellery and which updos they work with.

Tiara Combs

These work well in classic updos with volume where you want to show the jewellery at the front of your hair. This means you your updo should have volume on top in order to secure the comb into the hair. Tiara combs can also be put into the side of an updo for a more modern twist.

Tiara comb
Hannah Tiarakam

Hair Clips

Hair clips are very versatile. They can be clipped anywhere in an updo depending on their weight and used for any type of updo. If you know you want hair jewellery but are unsure of exactly what type of updo you want then a hair clip is a good option because it will work with pretty much everything.

Hair Clip
Laviniata Hår Clip

Hair Combs

Hair combs are also versatile. They can be used for a half updo on the side or secured on top or even underneath an updo for a beautiful look. However a hair comb needs to be secured into a base that is either backcombed or mini crimped or the comb should be secured with bobby pins to keep it in place during the evening.

Hair jewellery - Hair comb
Leonie Hårkam

Hair Pins

If you are looking to add some more subtle glamour to your updo then hair pins are a great option. You can use one or several and they are easily placed into any type of updo. This is also our favourite type hair jewellery to use after your wedding for other events as they are so subtly elegant.

Hair jewellery - hair pin
Fanny Hårnål

Spiral Hair Pins

If you are not looking for a large piece of hair jewellery but are still want decorative option then some spiral hair pins will do the trick. There are some really pretty options that will add a touch of sparkle to updos but can also be used in braids and half updos. They are also a great option for flower girls.

Hair Jewellery - spiral pins
Sylvia Skruvspänne

Feather Fascinators.

This a fun option which also looks very elegant together with a classic updo. Our feather fascinators are attached to hair combs so again you will need a backcombed or mini crimped base in order to secure them. Also a fun option for bridesmaids.

Hair Jewellery - feather fascinators
Oslo – ivory

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