Why a Blog in English?

Blogging in english

We are Swedish sisters running a business in Sweden so why on earth have we chosen to blog in English? Ok heres the deal.

We were born in the beautiful city of Stockholm but raised in the amazing country of Canada. We moved back to Sweden a few years ago but after having been away for so long we can safely conclude that our written Swedish is not up to scratch. Sure we could take more effort and energy to write in Swedish (and we have tried) but every post takes 3 times as long and needs to be corrected and proof read by our poor friends and relatives.

So, encouraged by the fact that Swedes knowledge of English is generally excellent, we have decided to stick to English when writing blog posts. This means we can write blog posts faster and share more information with you over the long run.

We hope you understand and if you ever have any questions about something in our blog don’t hesitate to contact us.

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