4 tips to get GLOWING SKIN before your wedding

Glowing skin before your wedding

Stay Hydrated

Yes yes we all know about hydration and how important it is but the fact is when you have a lot going on you often forget to drink enough water and stay hydrated. It is so important not only for your skin but also for your mood and your energy levels. Keep a couple of filled water bottles around the house, at work and in the car. Every time you think of something to do with your wedding, take a sip of water. This should keep you above the 8 glass a day minimum.


Hydrating your skin from the inside is important but just as important is hydrating from the outside. If you haven’t yet discovered skin oils it is worth giving them a try. If you think oils will make your skin greasier then think again. When skin is dry, the body works to produce more sebum (oil) to make up for this. It is important to moisturize properly to avoid this. There are lots of skin oils on the market to choose from. Look for something with soothing properties and antibacterial properties to keep any flare ups at bay.

Skip the Sugar

Easier said than done we know especially with all the hidden sugars in food these days but indulging in excess sugar often leads breakouts the day after. A good trick is to avoid everything that you KNOW contain sugar like candy, yogurt, juice and you are at least cutting out the majority of it. Just don’t forget about alcohol which contains loads of sugar so skip that glass of wine if you can.

Try going Lactose Free

Personally i have never had huge problems with my skin but neither have I been totally pimple free. Now that I am approaching mid life I am really getting tired of still getting zits – especially on my chin. I just feel like that part of life should be over now…So after doing some research I decided to go dairy free and see if that helped. Since we live in Sweden (the country where Oatly was invented) this wasn’t hard by any means. Milk was replaced by oat, almond and coconut milk and cheese by goats cheese. I am not super vigilant but I have taken the majority of dairy out of my diet and yes I see a difference. I feel like my skin is clearer and I don’t get those annoying little pimples anymore. Worth trying out if you have problem skin and a generally healthy diet.

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