3 KEY products to keep in your clutch on your wedding day

3 kep items to keep in your clutch

It’s time! Your wedding day is finally here, your dress fits like a glove and you look beautiful. You have even found the perfect little clutch to match your dress. But what should you pack in it? It is easy to go overboard and fill it with all of your makeup and hair products to ensure you look stunning all day long. The reality is you probably won’t have time to use them and your purse will be bulky and overloaded.

So here are our top 3 most important products to keep in your clutch;


 All brides want to glow on their wedding day but nobody wants to shine. Blotting papers are small, soft papers that absorb excess oils from your face without affecting your makeup. They are perfect for weddings where nerves and heat may make you sweat more than usual. Pat your face  lightly with a blotting paper before walking down the aisle and before you take you pictures. They will keep your skin looking fresh and your makeup in place for longer.


 As a bride, you have probably spent quite a bit of money on the perfect updo and it would be a real shame if it started to loosen or fall out halfway through the day. Keeping a mini hairspray and some extra pins with you means you can quickly pin any loose strands and spray down any flyaways to keep your hair looking great for as long as possible.


A little lip colour makes you look healthier and generally brings your look together. It’s a long day and you will need to reapply on many occasions. That is why good quality is important. Your lipstick/gloss should be moisturising and have a lot of pigment so that the colour stays.

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