3 all natural tips for treating a pesky pre-wedding breakout

treat a breakout final

So the unthinkable has happened. It’s a few days before your wedding and you have a big, honking zit on your nose, chin, forehead….it doesn’t matter where it is because it’s there and it’s not supposed to be!! But if you have a few days to go then there is hope. If not we hope you have booked a professional makeup artist who can cover that thing up properly!! Here are 3 natural tips to help you get rid of your unwanted guest and get glowing skin again before your wedding.

Manuka Honey

Active Manuka is a fantastic product with a number of uses that we just can’t rave about enough. The honey comes from the Manuka bush found in New Zealand. It is rich in antioxidants and has antibacterial properties. When you feel the first signs of a pimple you should start treating it with Manuka right away. Spread a thin layer of honey on the area and let it sit as long as possible (overnight is great). You will see results after the first night and at the very least your pimple won’t get infected. You can even use Manuka as a face mask one a week in the months coming up to your wedding or go to the extreme (like I have) you can wash your face with it every morning. My manuka is slightly grainy so it acts as a great little exfoliating scrub (note it should only be used as a scrub if your face is makeup free). You can buy Manuka Honey at most grocery store and health food store and make sure it is active 10+ at least for the best effects.

Sweat it out

Getting hot and sweaty opens up your pores and makes it easier for oil and dirt to get out. An added effect is to cleanse your body of toxins as your sweat glands push them to the surface of the skin and out through your pores. Hit the gym for an extended session or go for a long run to get your sweat on. The endorphin rush you get is an extra bonus and will help calm any nervous energy you may have leading up to the big day. A nice, long sauna is another excellent way to sweat and also destress. Use some calming oils like Eucalyptus in the water to create a steamy, sweaty sanctuary.

Tea Tree

Another amazing product from Australia. The smell takes some getting used to but Tea Tree has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. I use it on pimples and also mosquito bites and other skin irritations. Spread some on the infected area and leave for as long as possible. The oil kills bacteria and also dries out the area. If you find it too strong you can mix it with a little water. You can treat breakouts on your body by adding a few drops to your bath water or your shower gel.

We really hope you don’t get any unexpected “guests” before your big day but if you do then try these tips for some all natural help.

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